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Our Genesis

Looking at the sky, we wonder what lies beyond the clouds, don’t we? Ever wonder if I could touch the clouds, how they float freely in the atmosphere? What is the secret of it! How is the world outside the world? Is there Earth-like environment on other planets? If there was a rocket or a spaceship, then I would have searched the world outside the earth.
Well, is there really life on other planets? If there is, how to go to there by rocket? It is also necessary to know the science that works behind the rocket. And yes, even the night sky would not matter!
Thousands of such questions and curiosities keep popping up in the minds of almost all of us since childhood.
So, Youthpreneur Network brings their new educational project National Space Carnival, the biggest space related festival in Bangladesh, to answer all the questions and curiosities to satisfy the all of the questions of the childhood mind. 

Latest Event

After tremendous success, we have planned to arrange the seventh season of this grand carnival at the Independent University, Bangladesh campus on 24th and 25th February, 2023.


This Year participants from the following categories can participate:

  1. Pre-Primary – Play/Nursery/KG
  2. Primary – Class – 01- 05
  3. Junior – Class – 06 – 08
  4. Secondary – Class – 09 – 10
  5. Higher Secondary – Class – 11 – 12
  6. Senior – Undergraduate/Graduation Level
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